Design is one of the first steps in creating your new website. A design custom fitted to your business is always the best option if you are looking for something uniquely you. Every facet of the design can be determined during the prototyping phase. If you chose to use D2 Web Designs LLC as your website partner you will get 3 unique designs tailored to your business. You pick the one that you feel best portrays your business and we can start massaging that website until you are completely satisfied. We use state-of-the-art software, all current and legal to design your site right down to the last pixel.

Whether you want a pre-designed template tweaked to fit your needs, a redesign for your current website or a completely new website from the ground up, D2 Web Designs can do it all. Utilizing current web standards such as HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript we can make sure your website is current when it goes live and easily up-gradable to make it future proof as the standards change.

Where our heart is at

Graphic design is where our heart is at. Just buying expensive software and drawing tablets isn’t how a graphic design firm gets the job done. A single talented graphic designer can create more impressive, more user friendly websites with more impact than a complete group of graphic designers that follow the same rules of web design since it’s inception. New designs generate impact, without those new designs websites would still be a single page with text and a couple images, and I don’t think anyone still wants that.

New design ideas

Not only do we code and design websites, we spend our spare time using the internet. It’s inevitable that we stumble across websites that make us stop and stare. My personal library of internet bookmarks contains hundreds of websites I found appealing and I keep those for future reference to make sure my designs don’t become stale. Viewing other designers ideas keep our minds fresh and open to new ideas. Every designer does it, we might just be the first to admit it.