Content Management & Maintenance

Content management has become increasingly more popular as Blogs and Themed websites using back-end programs like PHPNuke, PostNuke or WordPress allow users to easily generate content for viewing to any visitors. These content managements systems all require a front end. Without that front end the customer would be looking at raw data, almost useless to anyone surfing to that website. Specializing in publishing content to a repository and storing that information in a database requires someone with knowledge not just of the design of the site, but the operation or the CMS behind it.

Existing Sites

Customers with existing sites using Content Management Systems can still have their cake and eat it too! You can keep everything you are familiar with but with a custom design by D2 Web Designs it would look like a custom site to any visitors. You would still retain all the moderation or editing you need but with a front-end to display your companies theme.