Equally as important as the design, the web development portion is where we program your website to do what you want.
HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and other programming languages are used to push each pixel shown in your design into its correct location.  Quite literally in some designs right down to the actual pixel in a field of almost 2½ million pixels or more depending on your screen resolution!

Containing thousands of lines of code, your website will come together within weeks after the design in approved.  Seeing errors during this phase is common as tweaks and changes are made.  You will be given private access to your website to view its progress and offer feedback as we build your website.

Most graphic changes should have been done during the Design phase, so as your website comes together the code is tested, stressed and retested.  Once your code and layout are complete additional functions are added to improve Search Engine Optimization, smooth animations and polish any rough edges.

As the client you will need to supply most of the content and verbiage but we can assist you with custom images or stock images from one of our many sources.