Web Development

Website blueprints

Web Development is where we got our start. From systems as simple and old as Bulletin Boards to complex websites requiring customer accounts, client details or schematics D2 Web and Graphic Design will get you what you need. We start every project no matter how large or small with the same core requirements and build that website to suit your needs without pushing you into unnecessary code that fluffs the design time to increase profits. We will analyze your goals and build a road-map that both of us can use to guide us to your websites completion.


Our website designs keep the customer in mind first and foremost. The interface is designed to complement your brand and image. At the same time we can offer options to that design to make sure you are happy with every aspect of your website.


You will receive a mock-up of your website with design ideas, and in some cases multiple designs for you to review and before any contract is signed you will know what your website will look like to a potential customer visiting your site regardless of what operating system or browser they are using. Each browser renders a website differently and a key focus of ours is to make sure it looks as close to the original concept in the most number of browsers.

Web Design

Where our heart is at

Graphic design is where our heart is at. Just buying expensive software and drawing tablets isn’t how a graphic design firm gets the job done. A single talented graphic designer can create more impressive, more user friendly websites with more impact than a complete group of graphic designers that follow the same rules of web design since it’s inception. New designs generate impact, without those new designs websites would still be a single page with text and a couple images, and I don’t think anyone still wants that.

New design ideas

Not only do we code and design websites, we spend our spare time using the internet. It’s inevitable that we stumble across websites that make us stop and stare. My personal library of internet bookmarks contains hundreds of websites I found appealing and I keep those for future reference to make sure my designs don’t become stale. Viewing other designers ideas keep our minds fresh and open to new ideas. Every designer does it, we might just be the first to admit it.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting packages

D2WebDesigns can proudly say we now supply dedicated or shared hosting packages through D2WebsiteHosting.com! Websites as mild as a family website displaying a gallery of pictures from your last vacation to a medium sized business website utilizing the current trend in eCommerce and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) content protection.
With packages from as little as $9.99 per month (paid yearly) and that includes your domain name and email addresses you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.
Use D2 Web Designs and D2 Website Hosting together for your best possible savings!

Content Management

Content management has become increasingly more popular as Blogs and Themed websites using back-end programs like PHPNuke, PostNuke or WordPress allow users to easily generate content for viewing to any visitors. These content managements systems all require a front end. Without that front end the customer would be looking at raw data, almost useless to anyone surfing to that website. Specializing in publishing content to a repository and storing that information in a database requires someone with knowledge not just of the design of the site, but the operation or the CMS behind it.

Existing Sites

Customers with existing sites using Content Management Systems can still have their cake and eat it too! You can keep everything you are familiar with but with a custom design by D2 Web Designs it would look like a custom site to any visitors. You would still retain all the moderation or editing you need but with a front-end to display your companies theme.

Logo and Print Design

Leave your mark

Your presence either online or in print is based on a first impression. A good logo design tells the potential customer some very important things very quickly. By looking at your logo they can tell if your a progressive company, a conservative company, one looking to expand or one that just needs work. The time spent in your logo design is some of the most important time you can spend in your businesses image. All those things I listed are determined subconsciously in the first 2 seconds when someone looks at your business card or logo. Don’t take logo design lightly, a logo should directly reflect your companies personality.

Business Cards

Though the internet is the advertising medium of choice, business cards can’t be left out because of their inexpensive and immediate impact to a potential customer. Good business card designs are as important as a full page ad on a website because you have to get a lot of information across to an interested customer in a very small amount of space and in a short amount of time. Though we don’t do any printing in house we have an agreement with a printing company that is guaranteed to do a great job and we are willing to take the final design directly to them and make sure what you end up with are the perfect business cards for your needs.


Brief History

While only established in 2003, we have over 2 decades of experience with the web. Starting back in the mid 80’s with simple text based BBS’s using programs like TAG BBS on a 300bps modem we made discussion forums and file transfers available to everyone with a PC. Our first advertisement contest netted our BBS a 2400 baud modem (only large businesses had them at the time) which allowed my bulletin board the ability to have multiple users on the same site at the same time. A rarity at the time. The advent of the internet brought pictures to the users, and now full color motion graphics are available to everyone with an internet connection.

The advantage

You can take advantage of that new medium by advertising for your services on other websites. Google Adwords is a form of advertising that can generate hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of hits per day but at a cost. Each hit, regardless of it’s legitimacy is paid for. Choosing a key word like “Web Designer” can cost $6.35 per click, even if the person meant to search for “interior designer”. You can see how quickly you run up your advertising budget even when mistakes are made.
With specific advertisements created by us you can focus your ad to the exact audience you are looking to find, bringing customers right to your website.